Ready to sell your wedding dress?Check the eligibility below

Cleaning Advice 

Whether you are planning to sell your dress or keep it forever, it is essential that you have it cleaned as soon  as possible after your wedding day and store a special way to prevent fading, damage again.

Naturally, given our business of selling previously worn wedding dresses, we have seen various examples of dry cleaned gowns. Some of these have been expertly cleaned, whilst others sadly have lost their shape, beading or colour. It is always so sad to advise a newly married bride that we are unable to offer her dress after the cleaning process has ruined her dress. With this mind, we would recommend that you use a specialist bridal gown cleaner to ensure your dress is restored to pristine condition after your special day.

Fitting and alteration

We offer unrivalled expertise at alteration and fitting services. We are able to change size if necessary, add some details for restyling and provide custom alterations.

At Lace & Button, we pride ourselves on finishing the garments so that every detail is exactly how you desire.

What dress will be accepted?

At Lace & Button we pride ourselves on offering only the finest second hand designer wedding dresses. Our aim is to offer the bride-to-be a collection of beautiful dresses that look as good as new. With this in mind, quality and hygiene are naturally of the utmost importance to us when selecting stock and therefore we can only accept dresses that are:

  • less than two years old (proof of purchase may be required)
  • in excellent condition
  • are offered dry cleaned

On some occasions, whilst a dress may be offered to L&B as ‘previously owned’ rather than ‘previously worn’, we may still deem it necessary to dry-clean the item in order to prepare it for sale.  If so, we will discuss the costs involved and request prepayment from you prior to arranging for the item to be cleaned.

How much will cost me to sell my wedding dress?

We operate a no sale, no fee policy.  This means that there aren’t any listing fees involved.
Only when we secure a buyer will we take commission of between 30-50% before forwarding the remainder of the monies to you.

What are the conditions of the sale?

Upon agreement, L&B will market your dress both online and from our boutique for an initial contractual period of six months.  During this time, if your dress is sold we will forward between 50% and 70% of the selling price to you immediately and Brides Dress Revisited will keep the remainder of the monies.

What happens if my dress isn’t sold?

If we are unable to find a buyer for your dress during the contractual period, you can collect your dress or we can  forward your dress to charity or, alternatively discuss extending the selling period where appropriate.